Long fiber whole wood pulp paper

Long fiber whole wood pulp paper

conventional wood pulp paper used in the production process are short fiber pulp,but we use the long fiber pulp, tensile strength 5 times better than short fiber!

Excellent stiffness and strong breaking resistance

long fiber not only has a strong ability to extend breaking resistance, imported wood pulp with its own color and luster sense is also very good, there is no general wood pulp of the thump color sense.

Rotary screen multi-cylinder process

We use the advanced 8200 model, multi-cylinder Rotary Screen paper machine technology, pulp through a number of groups of rollers, paper evenness is good, density solid, can resist oil and water, bubble in water without deformation.

thickness (G/G)

the thickness of paper used in an ordinary xerographic copier is generally between 64 and 105 G/M 2, while some copiers may use paper between 64 and 256 G/M 2. In the use of different thickness of paper, need to set up according to the copier's related settings, and note that different thickness of paper has different paper route. It should also be noted that when using thick paper (usually over 105g/m2) , the copier needs to provide a higher setting temperature and pressure. This if the long-term use of a large number of thick paper for printing or copying, will reduce the overall service life of the machine.


The density of paper

the fiber of paper is fine by density. Because the paper fiber is too thin or too thick, one is to affect the quality of photocopying imaging (that is, resolution) , the other is prone to produce paper wool, paper scraps, dirt machine. In particular, the optical part of the pollution will cause the copy of the bottom ash. Paper Too Brittle fracture and cause paper Jam, but also affect the copy and copy of the long-term storage.

the stiffness of the paper some papers

although the number of grams, but not necessarily suitable for the use of photocopiers, because: Weight and stiffness are two different things, and often due to stiffness is not good, in the process of transmission resistance slightly encountered wrinkle block. If there are two kinds of paper are 70g per square meter, but the paper fibrous tissue soft, stiffness, a little resistance to deformation often jam. Therefore, only the stronger (hard) paper can be applied to the electrostatic copier.


Established in 2011, SURE PAPER is a leading paper factory that mainly manufactures offset paper, bond paper , c1s c2s glossy paper, art paper, matt paper, couche paper, duplex board, ivory board, plotter paper, kraft liner board, test liner , grey board, news printing paper ect .


Suitable for full color image output, suitable for dye ink

High resolution support, fine text clearly visible

Standardized production, imported equipment standardized management with high efficiency

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